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Book our truck to feed the homeless. Tax free with 501c3 letter.

  • Chicago

Service Description

Book our truck to feed the homeless is a selfless act of kindness and therefore shall be rewarded by being tax free with proof of a 501c3 tax exempt letter. NOTE: The letter must match the name of the organization that you represent. All events have to be paid in full upfront and comes with a 20% cancelation fee. Chicken will be distributed to your guest in the following denominations: - 4 Wings w/ fries & bread, and or - 4 Chicken Tenders w/ fries & bread. We recommend purchasing voucher tickets. It is completely up to the event holder to disperse these tickets to their party and not the responsibility of the Food Truck. We are not responsible for who eats or who does not. Those who don’t have a ticket will not be given food. Please see the event holder for a ticket or tickets. IMPORTANT: Understanding the BOOKING process. Subject: DEPOSITS Unfortunately, deposits do not completely secure the date and time, it's considered a HOLD. Simply because quotes are requested everyday which could result in someone paying the entire amount for their event vs. deposit, which would be considered a Complete and Successful Booking. We'd have to honor that Booking and issue you a refund. We recommend paying the INVOICE for easier record keeping for both parties, to guarantee your booking we recommend that you pay the full amount. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. Thanks, Mr. Williams Harold's Food Truck Booking Department / Kwick Bite LLC.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations will be refunded back to the Credit/Debit Card that was used in the transaction. Typically your money should be back onto your card or bank account no more than 10 business days.

Contact Details

  • Chicago, IL, USA

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